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We cultivate our difference in the products and services we offer, which are thus intended to provide profound changes in the consumer habits of our customers.

Presidential Shipping Company (PSC) is a national and international transport & transit company, established since 2006, ensures the national and international transport operations of your goods and puts at your service its logistic intelligence.

With our experienced team, we will be very happy to help you carry out your operations in the most favorable conditions.

Who we are

Presidential Shipping Company (PSC) is a well known freight forwarding company in Morocco and is very active in major Moroccan ports and airports.

Presidential Shipping Company (PSC) offers a wide array of freight and logistics services of all types - Sea/Air/Road cargos - and has earned a great reputation among international carriers. Its good standing enables the company to offer the most competitive ocean, air, and land rates.

Presidential Shipping Company (PSC) services are backed by an experienced team in every aspect of freight forwarding and custom clearance services who will assist you every step of the way. Our team will provide you with a detailed quote, facilitate and prepare all shipping documents, arrange pickup and delivery, and provide regular feedback about the status of your shipments and trans-shipments.

Presidential Shipping Company (PSC) aims to be the trusted business partner you're looking for, not just as your shipping services provider but also to ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination on time and at an affordable rate.

We'll gladly answer your request for more information or for a quote and are looking forward to ensuring you with the highest level of satisfaction and the most personalized service.





SPEED Presidential Shipping Company (PSC) has a staff of dedicated professionals that understand the practical, operational and engineering aspects of heavy transport, heavy lift and project cargo and manage the accurate and timely submission of client’s official documentation.



Presidential Shipping Company (PSC) understand that part of their responsibility is to fully support client’s through all procedures. If a problem does arise, Presidential Shipping Company (PSC) can draw upon their extensive experience in order to obtain a favorable solution.



Due to the changing times, many countries have adopted more comprehensive procedures with regards to regulating commodities that are accepted at their ports, including how they must be shipped and what sort of documentation must accompany them. Presidential Shipping Lines (PSC) ensures that clients are kept up to date with requirements and procedures in order to avoid timely and potentially costly mistakes.



Presidential Shipping Company (PSC) understands that cost is an important factor for their clients. Due to established relations with carriers, Presidential Shipping Company (PSC) are able to offer exceptionally competitive rates to many destinations across the globe.

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